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If you require a plan on the addition, removal, replacement, storage or modification of your existing equipment or facility, give us a call. We will offer solutions to your issues and can fully execute the plans we suggest. We utilize Texas licensed Professional Engineers that have the most up to date software to produce 3D Lift Plans to ensure the plans meet all requirements of OSHA and ASME guidelines.

We have well seasoned crane and rigging experts to estimate the project with the utmost care for you and the safety of your employees, equipment and facility in mind. No matter the size or complexity, let Vanquish Crane and Construction provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.


A rigging plan is developed every time a heavy or complex load is being lifted. The basic idea behind a rigging plan is to have control and establish safety precautions. It is an important planning process that will identify all hazardous situations that might be encountered during lifting operations.

A Critical lift means a lift that (1) exceeds 75 percent of the rated capacity of the crane or (2) requires the use of more than one crane. In some cases, computer software programs are used to help identify potential safety hazards, such as ground bearing capacity, shock-load potential, weight transfer as the lift progresses, and diverse mechanical stresses on the equipment being lifted.

Vanquish Crane utilizes Professional Engineers, licensed by the Sate of Texas, to provide you with the most up to date engineered lifting plans to ensure the safety of all employees and the loads being lifted. These calculated steps provide the level of comfort you expect from a professional lifting and rigging company.

As part of our service to you, we provide:

  • Engineered Lift Plans
  • Certified Spreader Bars
  • Multi Crane Lifts
  • Virtual reality lift Plans

Reliable Hot Shot Services of your most critical items

We pick up, transport and deliver your most critical items when you need them most. From small parts to materials to 10,000 lbs, WE DELIVER! We know you need certain items delivered right away and we take the utmost care in handling your cargo with our dependable and experienced drivers.

We understand that time is money is any business and the importance of on time delivery so we utilize well maintained equipment and the latest technology, combined with the old fashioned desire to excel and make our customer’s priorities our own. Give us a call and let us deliver your piece of equipment and peace of mind!