At Vanquish Crane
and Construction,

There’s no job too important that the need to finish is moved ahead of the need for someone to go home safely. We thoroughly check and recheck all aspects of the project before starting to ensure the employees ( both ours and yours ) will be safe, the loads we lift and move are secured, and the equipment we use meets all applicable OSHA standards.

We will do spot checks during differing weather and work conditions to see if anything could adversely affect our plans and adjust accordingly. Our TRIR for 2018, 2019 and so far in 2020 is 0.0, which means we plan our work with Safety in mind, then we follow that plan.

Crane Safety
Shift Inspection

  • 1. Control & Drive Mechanisims
  • 2. Air, Hydraulic, & Other Pressurized Lines
  • 3. Hydraulic Systems
  • 4. Hooks & latches
  • 5. Wire Rope Reeving
  • 6. Wire Rope
  • 7. Electrical Apparatus
  • 8. Tires
  • 9. Ground Conditions Around the Equipment
  • 10. Level Position Within the Tolerences Before Each Shift & After Each Move & Setup
  • 11. Operator Cab Windows
  • 12. Rails, Rail Stops, Rail Clamps, & Supporting Surfaces When the Equipment Travels on Rails
  • 13. Functioning Safety Devices & Operational Aids for Proper Operation
  • 14. Fix Deficiencies Identified During the Most Recent Annual Inspection