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All Terrain

An all-terrain crane is a hybrid combining the roadability of a truck-mounted and on-site maneuverability of a rough-terrain crane. It can both travel at speed on public roads and maneuver on rough terrain at the job site using all-wheel and crab steering.

Vanquish Crane specializes in utilizing these types of cranes, as they are more efficient than other types of cranes, as they usually don’t require special transport and assembly (unless the larger ones in the fleet are required for heavier or higher lifts), as basically the operator drives the crane to the site,gets in the upper cab, sets up and goes to work. This results in fewer hours charged to you versus other types of cranes and less disruption on your project site.

Call Vanquish Crane and we'll be on the road to you when you need us!


A boom truck (commercial truck-mounted crane) is most often used to:

  • Transport material and / or small equipment from one jobsite to another
  • Install signage on highways or retail centers
  • HVAC installation in residential or commercial buildings
  • Erection and / or maintenance of cell towers
  • Install / replace bulbs on light poles (stadiums,football fields etc.)

Let Vanquish Crane and Construction provide whatever equipment and expertise is required for all your lifting and rigging needs! We are ready to serve you.


Personnel or lift baskets are used to left employees to the work location for installation, repair, cleaning, etc., of signs, lights, windows, or other materials where conventional ladders, scaffolds or lifts are not feasible, safe or cost effective. These baskets are mandated by OSHA to be designed to strict standards and built to exact specifications and be tested to beyond their rated capacity to ensure the safety of the employees that ride in them. Vanquish crane utilizes these as necessary and can supply these for you when needed as part of our fleet of services and equipment.